Monday, January 26, 2009


what jumped in my cart at Wal-Mart yesterday.

100 Calorie Oreo Mini Cakesters
(and yes, both the chocolate and golden varieties were purchased)
Don't those look fabulous? I'll report back later as to their yuminess.
Coupon here.

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That Girl said...

yum, I love oreo cakesters!!

Katy said...

hmmmm, nice...need to try them

A Belle and her Beau said...

I tried those the other day and they were sooo good ... tiny but good! I am currently hooked on the Weight Watchers Twinkies and the 90 calorie Rice Krispie Treats!

Abbi said...

yummy!!! love them!!!

M said...

Those were so tempting but I'm afraid I would sit there and eat the whole box.

Julie said...


Kally said...

Yum, Yum, Yummy! I love cakesters and have abstained from them while trying to run my butt off but I think I might be able to make an exception in the case of the 100 cal kind. Yay! Sasha, you made my day :)


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