Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remember NLP:RD?

Remember when Ashley was on her NLP:RD kick? One of the days was Work it Out Wednesday: Solving big problems like organizational dilemmas and annoying shit like taxes and important phone calls.

Well, I'd swear today is Wednesday. I've had lots of annoying shit like taxes and important phone calls to take care of today.

  1. Quarterly estimated IRS taxes are due today
  2. Quarterly payroll taxes for Mr. Sasha's biz are due today
  3. WC broke her super-special super-expensive headphones ($140) we use for OT yesterday, so that was about 4 phone calls in itself to figure out what to do about that (borrow a set from our OT while we send ours off to be repaired for the bargain price of $60)
  4. Call to make a hair appt
  5. Call to schedule my yearly dr appt
  6. Call to let Wags know not to restock my script, promise I'll be in today
  7. Get financial stuff ready for PTO meeting tonight

Why do I hate making phone calls so much? I tried to start each conversation very upbeat and friendly, so as to hopefully set the tone for a successful phone call. I have taken care of all but #4 with good results.

I'm ready for Suds it Up Saturday and some beer.


MDO said...

I'm the same way about phone calls. I'd much rather talk in email, especially if it's to arrange something like an appointment. Sorry you're having one of those you think we could get away with beer at the PTO meeting?

M said...

I hate hate hate making phone calls.

C. Beth said...

I hate those days. Really do. Feels great to get it all done but seems like SUCH a waste of time since with kidlets at my feet it takes four hours to make two phone calls and pay three bills....

Kally said...

I hate those kinds of days. Phone calls, bills, meetings...blech :P

Multislacking Mama said...

Shoot. I need a New NLP:RD. Let's tell Ashley.

We need to get adjoining rooms for the movers festivus. That way, kids can play in one room and adults can drink beverlies in the other. They can go to sleep, and when we are ready to go to bed- we can transport them to their appropriate rooms. What do you think?

Ask Mr. Sash where he wants to stay and I'll make reservations today.

Your check will be in the mail today.

I heart you long time! I'm so excited and so are the LM's!