Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Beer Find

Wittekerke Rosé blik

The other day I was at the liquor store getting Mr. Sasha some Sailor Jerry, and I went down the beer aisle to pick up some Lindemans Framboise (of course!). I glanced around and saw a six pack of the cutest little drinks I had ever seen- they were a party waiting to happen!

And you know me, I of course picked them up. I have no clue how to pronounce it, and the website it all in Belgium, but they are damn tasty. It's described on the can as Belgian White Beer with Raspberries. I love all things raspberry you know!

Getcha some.

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Chic Runner said...

sounds great I need to know where to find this delicious treat!

jen said...

I'm so glad someone finally put that picture of me to good use

morewineplease said...

I will get me some! thanks

Anonymous said...

My sister lives in Belgium...I will get the 411 for us!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love beer and raspberries! Sounds like I need some of those precious pink cans!

Multislacking Mama said...

Ooooohhhhhhh, sounds like a delight!


Multislacking Mama said...

Oh- what licker store did you find this? Say Hob Nob Rob's. Please. I love to go in there.

Sasha said...

Chic Runner- here in OK, anything over 3.2% cannot be sold anywhere except liquor stores, and it cannot be sold cold. So I had to buy it in a liquor store. Where you are it can probably be bought anywhere!

Holly- I got it at Sooner West, by Wright's at 36th and Main. I love Rob too (went to the Las Vegas liquor convention with him before P was born!) but I needed to run somehwere quick, so Sooner West it was.


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