Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Disney Channel,

My kids absolutely love the Imagination Movers- in fact, it's their favorite show on your channel right now. Although Holly's fave is Scott, my personal favorite is Rich (since he goes rat-a-tat-tat and all).

I was having issues finding the show's page on your website, and I actually created quite a paragraph about it, which I have deleted since I was incorrect. A lovely reader pointed me in the right direction! (Seems Playhouse Disney shows are on a different website.) Thanks anonymous!
Meanwhile, I'll be ordering the new Imagination Heros CD from Amazon and my kiddos are going to love me for it! In fact, I can probably put away Suzy Boggus and they won't notice.


Anonymous said...

If you go onto the Playhouse section of Disney, you will find it there with all their other Playhouse Disney shows. (Since it's one of them.)

Creative Minds said...

we just love that show. My fave is Scott too - he is so goofy. lol
my husband actually asks me to dvr it so he can watch it too.

Yellow Beads said...

I will say I AM NOT HAPPY with the new schedule that started today. No more Jo Jo!!

Multislacking Mama said...

We love the Movers! Except Nina, her hair needs help. I'm sorry, that sure wasn't nice of me. I'm sure they've done that to her poor hair on purpose.

What sucks is now the song is in my head!

Imagination Movers! (You gotta think about it!)