Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Background on WC's SPD/SID

You know, I'm often asked how I knew that WC's had a problem. How I knew that something was off.

When I picked up The Out-of-Sync Child from the library the other day, I flipped through it on my way out the door. After a few seconds of flipping, I felt my eyes fill up with tears and I moved towards the wall so I could lean against it for a second.

I found it. I found a paragraph that I should print out and give to everyone that knows WC.

From page 193:

A mother wrote me this letter: "By the time Rob was two, I felt he had a special need, but I couldn't figure out what it was. He required constant attention. Time-outs didn't work because I couldn't contain him. He was defiant, disobedient, disrespectful, and demanding. He was always busy, always talking (great verbal skills!), strong willed, contrary, and easily frustrated. I felt blessed to have Rob, and wouldn't trade him for the world, of course, but he constantly tested and rejected me."

And more on the next page.

"What was the reason for his behavior? How could I regain control? What method of discipline would get through to him? If his behavior was an attempt to get my attention, how could I supply it in a way that would satisfy him? How could I help a high-energy child channel his energy in a positive direction? I was desperate for answers."

If you replaced Rob's name with WC's and switched out them hes and hims for shes and hers, I could have written that, word for word.

You don't know how good it feels to know that you are not alone.


C. Beth said...

That's awesome, Sasha. I'm sure it helps you feel connected to other moms AND reminds you that there are other kids out there just like WC.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Thanks for sharing this, Sasha. I have a friend whose oldest also has SPD and I've learned so much through her. I think it's so important for parents to be talking about these things because, like you said, there is such comfort in knowing you aren't alone in parenting a child with these needs. You never know who you might touch through what you share. So again, thank you for this.

michelle matthews said...

Wow - that is awesome Sasha. I'm glad you found that book.
My brother has Asperger's Syndrome and it's such a good feeling when someone understands it or knows what it's like.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My youngest could of had those paragraphs written about him. I may have to get that book.