Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Present Idea- For Your Girlfriends

Oh, I love momAgenda! (click on graphic to check them out!)

I have the Kitchen Folio and it's just darling- I've printed out all the free downloads and filled them in with all the Sasha family info and have it by the phone in the kitchen- perfect for the babysitter, or for Mr. Sasha- who never seems to know where to find stuff.

Be sure and check out their new holiday downloads too- cards sent/received, gifts purchased, etc. Just what us busy moms need.


michelle matthews said...

I love the mom agenda too! Great idea!

Unknown said...

That's what I'm getting myself this Christmas!

Amanda said...

Hey There,
Thanks for mentioning momAgenda on your site. We're hoping you really like your momAgenda.

Here's where to get the free holiday printables you mentioned. The holiday planners will fit perfectly in your planner. Simply go to:
No information required!