Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Shopping: Don't Forget Ebates!

I was super excited to see that Sephora is doubling their cash back during the holidays! You know I am addicted to makeup and have to place an order pretty often or I'll explode. Gap is also doubled.... (those are just a few samples of the increased cash back for the holidays- there's more)

Now, if you still haven't signed up for ebates, or never used it after you signed up before, now's the time! If you sign up and purchase something by Dec 31 (and of course you'll be buying something before Dec 31, it's the holidays!) we'll both get $10!


Abbi said...

i soooo excited too!!! i love to shop! thanks for the info.

Katy said...

Great shopping inflammation! he he

I never did answer your pillowcase dress question...I just saw it. Well, I think she makes them up to size 6....I don't think 3 is too old to wear one..B is gonna be 4 in January and it looks appropriate on her, not too babyish. I received the dress and the matching bow, very cute.