Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Shopping- Post 1

I'm starting to pick up some things for Christmas if I see good deals, which I'm glad to share.

Over the weekend I was telling Mr. Sasha that I really hate the over-commercialization of the holiday season, and I told him I'd heard about doing a "Wise Man Christmas", which, if I understand right, involves giving 3 presents and relating it to the gifts the wise men brought Baby Jesus. Anyone know anything about this idea?

Anyway, I found what I consider to be a good deal on some character Crocs for the kids- regular price $29.99, and they are on sale for $16.99. Remember to use free shipping code crocsavp08.


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Very cute!!

Angry Toddler would like the ones you got for The Politician.

Unfortunately, he walks like crap in them. Stumbling all over his feet and stuff.

C. Beth said...

Those are cute!

Just noticed "FIRL" and "FIMH"--very funny!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Friends in my head...love it!

That's what we do for Christmas. They get 3 smaller gifts and I try to do one big gift, I.E. something they've really wanted or needed.

Any other little thing is a stocking stuffer.

So I guess we do 4 gifts each. But ya know, with everything they get from the extended family they don't even realize.

Lulu said...

Thank you for posting! Hopefully, all of the lovely bloggers will post good deals they find throughout the Christmas season!!

Yellow Beads said...

Crazy enough, my SON would want the dora ones, lol.

Hair Girl said...

Here is the 3 gift deal-
"Baby Jesus only got 3 gifts, why should you deserve more?" However this only applies to Santa. Crazy ,right?
Santa brings 3 presents(unwrapped) or 1 big gift and Mommmy and Dady and all the relatives give something. This way they are excited to receive their Santa presents (3) and appreciative to everyone else that gives them gifts.
We have a HUGE family and they get too much, but atleast we have reigned in Santa!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! for the Crocs link. Someone at my house will be so excited with the Cars ones!!!