Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are We Sure It's November?

Last night was a night game, and I had purchased a red cord jacket that I hoped to wear to the game that was sure to make me the best dressed gal in the land.

However, it was 83 degrees at 3 pm yesterday!

So I wore a t shirt, shorts, and flip flops.

In November.

Crazy weather.


Unknown said...

Oooh ... where do you live? It is raining and cold here in Oregon!

Julie said...

I love the weather! It's been goregous! 70s here in IL!

morewineplease said...

YES!! But I noticed today, they leaves are actually changing,.. and they are sooo beautiful!

Yellow Beads said...

yea, the heat is crazy

Kate said...

I was thinking about you during that game as hubby kept flipping it over and laughing at the whopping your team was putting on the team they were playing (you will note, I purposely did not say my team since I hate them! :D)