Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Been a Long Strange Day

PSA: If your gut tells you something isn't right with your kids, light a fire under yourself and get after it.

P, who is in first grade this year, has been having difficulties learning to read, and has been downright frustrated while trying.

Although my first suspicion was that it was related to his sensory processing disorder, I just knew in my heart that it wasn't a learning disability..... there was just something wrong. I had noticed that his eyes didn't seem to track just right, and from time to time when he'd look at me, his eyes just didn't look lined up right.

So this morning I called the pediatric opthamologist who did his tear duct probing when he was an infant and they got us in today. (Love that office BTW. If you are local and need a rec, holler.)

And surgery is scheduled for next Thursday to correct Exotropia, which, in the simplest explanation, is the opposite of crossed eyes.

His eyes turn out intermittently and cause him to have double vision. Basically, he just can't focus. He has perfect vision, but the muscles in his eyes aren't letting him see correctly.

Thank goodness I trusted my gut and got him in.

Please do the same if you ever think something isn't right with your kiddos.

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Ashley said...

Aww poor P! I hope the surgery is successful!

C. Beth said...

Oh goodness!! I'm so glad you got him in...but so bummed he has to have surgery. Is it a pretty simple procedure?

Anonymous said...

Always trust you mom gut!! Always!

Glad you figured out what was going on. What kinda of treatment will he receive?

Sasha said...

The surgery will move one of the muscles in each eye to the correct position. From what I understand, it will take about 20 minutes and will be outpatient. He will be able to go to school the next day!

Crownd Vic said...

OH my! good job, momma - always trust your gut!!

Tiffany said...

Mom guts always always know best! Good luck with the procedure!

Heather said...

Mom always knows best..remember my issues with Macy's glad you found out what is going on..that is the surgery that michael had when he was 11 months old and then again in high school. Poor P!! We will say a prayer for him. love ya girl

Renee said...

Mom's know best! Great job on trusting your gut! We know someone else in your town who's child had the same vision issue. It was repaired without problem!

Sara said...

Mama does know best when it come to their babies. My son was diagnosed with accomodative esotropia at 3 years old. Luckily, we didn't have to go the surgery route, he just wears glasses. And looks so darn cute with them!!

Melanie said...

Poor little guy! It's so good you figured that out before they started doing all sorts of other "fixes". My Big has sensory processing issues that we are getting fully tested right now, along with some other stuff - but the weather has gotten two of our four appointments cancelled so far. Let us know how his surgery goes!


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