Monday, January 24, 2011

Editor's Choice Awards: Haircare

Welcome to the Sasha Says Editor's Choice Awards! We'll be sharing with you our favorite products in many different categories, beginning with Haircare.

(Please know that this is very tongue-in-cheek. "We" is just me, and it's actually just a list of *my* favorite products. There's no nomination process, voting, or scoring. Just a simple list of things I like and use every day.)

I've been gradually taking my haircolor darker and darker, trying to get a little closer to my natural color (note that I'm not sure exactly what that is, but it's definitely darker than the bleach blonde I'd been sporting for years).

My stylist recommended I use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve the color. I found this L'Oreal product line (each is about $6, but there are frequently $2 off coupons in the Sunday paper) that fit the bill and settled on the Moisture formula. I absolutely love it.

John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Boosting Leave In Spray

(that's a mouthful, huh?)

My hair is pretty fine, and it gets very tangly in the shower. This spray helps gets all those wet tangles out without any breakage and smells nice too. I also use this in WC if she gets tangles, since her hair texture is a lot like mine. It's about $6, although there are frequently coupons for $1 or so off that you can find.

Right after I get out of the shower I spray a liberal amount of this in my hair (about 10 sprays) and comb it out with a wide-toothed comb. Then I wrap my hair in a towel for a few minutes to get some of the moisture out while I apply my eye cream and facial SPF moisturizer.

Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream

(sadly, Dove's website is crap and although I managed to find a pic of this product in a newer white bottle on their website, it's not possible to link to it or get more info about it, because the "get more info" link just leads you to the general product page, where you are in an endless loop of trying to find the product....)

After I unwrap my hair from the towel, I squirt some of this in my hair and spread it through before I blow dry. I have slightly frizzy hair and this really helps keep it smooth and straight. It's around $5-6 dollars, and again, you can usually find a coupon for $1 or so off in the coupon inserts.


s.lange said...

Thanks for sharing - my daughter has hair like yours, and it is such a "pain" to comb through her hair! We love that shampoo and conditioner too!

Saska said...

I tried the Loreal Sulphate free products and really didn't care for them that much.

I will try the Dove anti-frizz product. Although I don't care for their shampoo/conditioner products.

Sasha said...

MK- I tried the volumizing version of the Loreal Sulfate free- and I HATED it! Gave me terrible static! But the moisturizing one is a perfect fit for me.