Friday, January 7, 2011

I Am Not Sure I Could Do It

I have been thinking about the whole budgeting issue, and was considering instituting no-buy on cosmetics for 2011...... but then I see advertisements like this one, for the new Physicians Formula Happy Booster products..... and I know I just can't do it. I get way too much pleasure out of my beauty purchases.

But... I'm thinking I *could* do a monthly budget for cosmetics?

I was thinking $25 per month, and if I have my eye on something more spendy, I can save up my monthly allowance until I have enough?

But would that $25 have to cover my nail polish purchases too????? Hmmm... lots to think about!

Would you share if you have a cosmetics/nail polish budget and what it is?

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sprinkles said...

When I was working, I would always use a little bit of my paycheck to buy myself a little something - a dinner out with friends, new shoes, cosmetics, whatever it was that I wanted. I don't really know that I had a budget though. Unless I felt it was spendy, I just bought it. I miss being able to do that.