Monday, January 3, 2011

11 in '11: Goal Four

Goal Four:
A More Organized Household

To achieve this goal, I plan to follow Totally Together Journal's Daily 7 for a Highly Successful Household (albeit Sasha-ified a bit). Things can get a little, well, crazy around our house with both of us working outside the home, but following these 7 steps will hopefully keep our house a bit more organized and less stressful.

Number 1: Make Beds Every Day (at some point....) Sometimes people are still in their beds when I leave for work, so making them first thing in the morning won't work for us.

Number 2: Do One Complete Load of Laundry when the basket is getting full. For us, this will most likely be about every other day.

Number 3: Empty All Garbage Cans at the end of the day

Number 4: Keep Your Kitchen Sink Empty at the end of the day

Number 5: Clean Up After Yourself and Help Children Do the Same

Number 6: Bathroom Wipe-Down (I've got some Clorox Bleach Tabs ready to go in the toilets later today)

Number 7: Before Bed 10-Minute Clean Up


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

My house is actually in top shape right now. I've been purging for a week now. I'm doing a big drop off at the Goodwill this week. I also have some stuff to put on Craig's List too.

Buford Betty said...

The laundry one especially rocks my world. I try to do one every day during the week and I've found it often leaves me without any to do on the weekend! Amazing! SO much less stressful than trying to tackle it all in one day.

Carrie said...

FYI, there is a class action settlement regarding those clorox bleach tabs. They can ruin the seals in your toilet.

I used them for a few months but have since stopped. Luckily I haven't really noticed any damage.