Friday, January 28, 2011

Editor's Choice Awards: Mascara

Welcome to the Sasha Says Editor's Choice Awards! We'll be sharing with you our favorite products in many different categories.

(Please know that this is very tongue-in-cheek. "We" is just me, and it's actually just a list of *my* favorite products. There's no nomination process, voting, or scoring. Just a simple list of things I like and use myself.)

Maybelline Full N' Soft

Maybelline Full N' Soft ($6.50 or so) is definitely my top drugstore mascara. No clumps and it builds full, soft, thick lashes just as promised.


For a higher-end product, I love MAKE UP FOR EVER's Smoky Lash ($22)! Thickening, lengthening, it's one fabulous package. I will say the tube doesn't last very long before it starts feeling sort of clumpy- maybe a little over a month? At any rate, there have been times that it's been worth it to me, that's how much I love this mascara.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash

A slightly less expensive higher-end mascara that is also love is Buxom Lash ($18 at Sephora). Absolutely no flakiness, this darkens, lengthens, and thickens just as Sephora promises.


Nessa said...

I totally agree. I love Full 'N Soft! I try to find something else but nothing really compares to it. I really need to stop looking. It would save me so much $.

Melanie said...

I used that Full 'N Soft forever, but I am a woman of change, so I moved to Clinique for a while. With all of our snow and my new homeschooling adventure, I have not made it a mall in ages to get more, so I picked up some Falsies by Maybelline, and I really like it so far. I have only put on mascara about 3 times in the last month, so it's not an accurate report at this point, but now that I've seen the Stila blush, I need to spend my money on that right now!