Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love My Flip!

We are loving our new Flip HD! My FIL is in the hospital and we've been making some videos for him to watch of the kids. P is loving baseball and wanted to share his swing. Major leaguer in the making if I do say so myself. You just plug the camera into the computer and it prompts you to do all kinds of stuff like email and load to youtube.

It's $152 on Amazon right now, and is easy-peasy to use, as the kids would say. Basically I took it out of the box and turned it on.

I also got this little tripod thinking I might do a vlog or nail tutorial. Don't get too excited, we all know how my turnaround time on new stuff that has to be planned out is. This puppy is still in the box.

But I *have* been using the case I bought and it's perfect. I'm keeping the Flip in my purse for those all-of-the-sudden, must-be-filmed moment that are sure to pop up.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon referral links, along with a darling video of my almost 6 year old hitting the ball over the fence.

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