Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Havaianas: Do I Need Some?

I have heard quite a bit about Havaianas, but have never seen them or tried them on. Do I need some? All they all that?

Rue La La has a Havaianas Boutique today- it looks like you can get two pair for $20-25.

Tell me about them!

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razberiswrl said...

Check Marshall's first if you have one near you. I've seen that brand as well as Reef and other "high end" (read: ridiculously expensive for what they are) flops there for between 7 and 15 dollars. I tried them all on, and honestly, I didn't find Havaianas to be all that different from any other rubber flop. I mean, if you get leather ones, that's a different story. The ones I *did* fall in love with are called Terra Soles:

They are WAY squishy and comfortable. I bought a pair!

-L said...

I've always favored the J.Crew basic rubber flip flops. I've had some for several years that I wore alot. They hold up well. I'm not sure if they really sell these much anymore. I would get them with and without a wedge. Ya never know when you need some heel! Right now I am in love with the reebok easy tone flip flops (I have 3 pairs). I have the sneakers as well. I'm not sure what they really do for your butt but I find them very comfortable. They seem to be all I wear of late and I'm on my feet all day. I've found they really reduce the number of "knee aches" I have. They are pricey but should hold up a while.
-Liz K.

sprinkles said...

I haven't tried them but they're cute so I'd say yes, you need them!

Stephanie said...

I was obsessed with getting some back when they were on Oprah. She went on and on about how comfy they were. I know think she gets paid by companies...I made my MIL drive an hour to find some when I was pregnant. We did and each got a pair. I was SO excited!!
I don't EVER wear them. They are super uncomfortable. The rubber in the middle is awkward. This is from a Florida girl who wears flip flops 5 out of 7 days a week.
A huge waste of time and money in my opinion. They are pretty, but you can't see all that when you have your foot in there!

Rachael said...

I love them. Bought a pair on vacation in Jamaica several years ago, not knowing they were all that. But I wore them all the time! I just replaced them with a new pair this year. This time I got the "slim" which has narrower straps and I like them even better. v. comfy. :)

Jules said...

Costco in NC has Haviana's right now for $18 a pr. I got 2 pair at AT Loft last week for a total fo $24...they were having a 40% off sale on full price itens...the full price of them there was $24. If lost is having their sale still, that is a good deal. I do have afriend who got the ones from ruelala too this wk.

They are old school flops with thin straps (the SLIM version...which is what I have and what LOFT carries) and thin bottoms but soo confortable. The ones at Costco have a little BLING on them. one tiny "rhinestone on each flop. Not cheesy...cute.
I think they are super comfortable and wear them all the time.