Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rainy Holiday

Wow! Did we ever get some rain this weekend!

The Sashas still had a fab time. We dashed up to a hotel in The Big City to enjoy an indoor waterpark during the downpoor. The kids had a ball and we drank many a beer.

We capped last night off with some frozen lemonade and although I don't know what she was saying, The Wild Child was in Little Miss Bossypants mode, which is too cute on film.

Hope you had a great holiday!


sprinkles said...

Your kids are too cute! Glad you didn't let the rain ruin your weekend.

Yellow Beads said...

Yea, we got rain all weekend too--four straight days (ugh)--but honestly my poor yard needed it!! :) Happy 4th, a couple of days late!

C. Beth said...

Bummer on all the rain! But I am glad you had a great weekend.