Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dad Life- Has this made it around yet?????

A friend showed the Dad Life vid to me last weekend, and Mr. Sasha kept telling me he had already emailed it to me. I'm all about social media and knew I hadn't seen it, so I remembered the subject line of the email he sent said "Swagger Wagon" and that was the Toyota vid, totally different! (And I deleted it since we've all seen Swagger Wagon...)

So this was new to me, and I die! "Hold up- is that a weed in my fescue? Ah no- Roundup to the rescue!"

Mwahhhhhh....... I might even like this better than Swagger Wagon.

Have you seen it?


sprinkles said...

You always have the best videos! Love this!

Renee @ said...

Hadn't seen this! Brought laughing tears! Thanks