Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Should you happen to see me running down the road

and see my dying laughing, almost tripping,

I shall be listening to Bridget Jones's Diary on my ipod.
I love music, I really do, but I am so ADD that I can't listen to music while I run. Too many opportunities for my mind to wander, and I always end up thinking about how tired I am and how much I want to stop running. And how much I'd actually prefer a beer.
But I found that if I listen to some British chick lit, my runs are glorious, much fun, and v. good.
Because of this, I've also decided to add some of Bridget's phrases into my daily speak. Beginning now, I will be saying the following:
  1. Mobile (pronounced mo-bile)
  2. Hurrah!
  3. v. good and non v. good
  4. Flat, in reference to while I live
  5. Inner Poise
  6. Alcohol units
  7. Fancy, as in "Fancy a snack?"


razberiswrl said...

How about "cheers" for thank you? If I recall correctly, that one is used quite a bit too. I find that positively adorable. An English family had the cabin next to ours this week while camping, and he came over as we were playing dominos to ask us how to play. After we explained, he said "Excellent. We'll have to give it another go. Cheers all!"

I wanted to put him in my pocket. LOL!

Cornelia said...

I should try listening to a book while I run. I am also a little ADD and my mind wanders all the place too!

C. Beth said...

Yaay! I don't listen to music while I run either; I listen to podcasts, from NPR and such. :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I am giggling because I can TOTALLY hear you saying "Fancy a snack?" Totally.

sprinkles said...

I puffy heart accents and things! Yesterday I was talking to someone from Wales. I kept asking her questions just so I could listen to her speak.

Rachael said...

I read the books a few years ago, and I remember catching myself saying Bridget-isms. It's so contagious! Will have to try the CDs from the library, I've been running regularly again and I'm getting bored with my playlist. I tend to zone out when I run, so I've never tried a book while running, but Bridget might be just the thing. Thanks for the tip!!