Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on WC's Hemangioma Revision Surgery

When poor WC was so sick last month, we had to cancel the hemangioma revision surgery that was supposed to happen on August 7.

And since she ended up with a staph infection in her chicken pox, we were told we had to wait at least 1 month after she was declared infection-free.

So I called on August 22 to let them know she was released from the pediatrician, and was hoping they could rescheduled us soon.....

October 30.

Damn that's far away! But we are on their cancellation list and hopefully they'll have a spot for us earlier.

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because I said so said...

Too close to Halloween....unless you don't trick or treat.....I'll be crossing things for you to get a closer date. My 6 year old had a hemangioma on her eyelid when she was a was awful..but did not require surgery so I feel for you there......

Yellow Beads said...

Oh, patience is not my good point, so I totally understand how anxious you are to get this done!


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