Monday, September 15, 2008

Makeup Primers

My friend Amanda was placing an Arbonne order recently and asked me if I wanted to try this new primer she had tried and really liked. Of course, I said!
Arbonne Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer (1 oz, $32)

I tried it and really liked it. It certainly kept my face matte, and my mineral foundation applied nicely on top of it and still looked great at the end of the day. It also seemed to lessen those pesky marionette lines that go from my nose to my mouth.

But since it didn't have sunscreen, and I'm trying oh so hard to combat hyperpigmentation on my face, I still had to apply my sunscreen before the primer.

So I noticed that Avon also had a new primer, and it has SPF 20! I ordered some from my friend Valeri (email her at bucfanri {at} gmail {dot} com and she may have free shipping codes!) and I like it just as well!
Avon MagiX Face Perfector SPF 20 (1 oz, $10)

Now, the Avon site talks about wearing this instead of foundation, and while Reese Witherspoon may be able to get away with that, Sasha and her hyperpigmentation can't. So I'm just using it in place of my sunscreen, before I use my Everyday Minerals foundation.

Oh, and don't forget to go through ebates if you ever place an Avon order!


AJ said...

Ok, question! If you wore your Everyday Minerals without any primer is your face like an oil slick? Just wondering if that is my problem or if it is the lotion(prescription) I wear underneath it. That Avon price is right up my alley! Now that I think of it I wear Bare Minerals instead of Everyday Minerals. Oh, and do you use a seperate concealer or just use the foundation with a concealer brush? Please help a girl out:)

Sasha said...

AJ- I tried to wear BM, but could't because it made me shiny and itchy! My guess is the BM is too oily for your face- there is no way I could wear it. Plus they don't have a good color selection if you ask me.

Everyday Minerals has 4 formulas, and I wear the "matte" and I stay shine free all day! The primer just helps even out my wrinkles and make my complection smoother- but even without it the EDM look great!

That was my post on EDM- you need to check it out- super cheap and I promise you'll love it!

Also, I really don't do much with concealer, but I know a lot of people just use the mineral foundation with a concealer brush.

AJ said...

Thanks so much Sasha!! Since I am near out this is the perfect time to try something new:) Guess that explains my oily bohunkness! AND why my face sometimes burns when I sweat. I sound purdy don't I?! Your link helped a lot. Can you find this in stores or only online? Thanks for helping a poor girl out;)

Cate said...

Love all things arrbonne..use their moisturizer daily and that has spf 20..if I used their primer I would put it on on top of that. Thanks for the review!

Multislacking Mama said...

OK- gotta try the avon version. I need some matte-i-fying!


Kristy said...

I use the Avon under my foundation. I DEFINITELY don't look like Reese Witherspoon with it on... but it feels so smooth on! =)
I was surfing around and I Love your blog!

AJ said...

Sasha-Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it! I'm going to check out the website tonight. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.

Chris said...

Ohh, I love primer. I like smashbox but it is SO expensive. I am a concealer girl- I need that more than I need actual foundation- if I have concealer on I can manage to go out in just that. But NEVER without concealer. Anyway, just tried a new one on some advice and it cost me $30 for a little tube! The point of this rant, is that I need to try Avon! You seem to like a lot of their products and the price is so drastically lower than some of the mediocre stuff I pay top dollar for! That's a waste of money as far as I am concerned! SO, Avon here I come!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Mary Kay here happens to use this primer from Arbonne. My dear friend is a director and we don't offer a primer. I do like it. I probably won't order again as I don't LOVE it. I do wear my day solution with spf 20 under my oil control lotion during the day. I can only wear it around my eyes and cheek bones as I am very oily. I do want to try a LORAC tinted mois I have been eyeing as it is oil free and for acne prone skin. It is $30 so I haven't decided yet. I haven't seen any other oil free products that have spf...there are not many! Thanks for the review!!

kelly bee said...

I have some rosacea so I use the green Smashbox primer and I actually go without the Bare Minerals some days because the Smashbox is so great.