Friday, September 5, 2008

New Fall TV

So what new shoes am I going to watch?

In order of premier date:

Tuesday, Sept 2

Tuesday, Sept 9

  • Fringe - Fox (love me some JJ Abrams- genius behind Lost and Alias)

Monday, Sept 22

  • Worst Week - CBS (I don't have high hopes for this, but I'll watch 1 epi)

Friday, Oct 3

Thursday, Oct 9

  • Kath and Kim - NBC (I love Molly Shannon AND Selma Blair and this looks absurd along the lines of Arrested Development)

Monday, Oct 13

Remember you can read about all the new shoes on Kristin's blog on E.

What new shows will you be watching?


~Melissa~ said...

Love your blog! I'm giggling right now because I think you had something besides TV on your mind when you typed up your TV watch list :) It's okay, I have shoes on the brain all the time too.

morewineplease said...


(cannot wait)

Anonymous said...

I watched 90210. It was alright.

I'm waiting patiently for My Own Worst Enemy. I so hope Christian can pull it off.

Do Not Disturb looks worth watching at least one show.

Fringe may be interesting. I just hate how Fox tends to hype a show up so freaking much just to cancel it within weeks...Drive sound familiar?