Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bloggy Hint #7 - Comment Page

Lipstick said...thanks SO much! you are just full of cool tips! you know how to have "show original post" on your comment screen? For some reason, my blog doesn't say that and I can't figure it out.

Lipstick, I have no clue. But here's my setting on the comments tab. See if this helps! My guess is it's the third set of options- Comment Form Placement. Try switching to "Full Page" and see if that fixes it. Let me know!


Lipstick said...

You are a genius!!! That worked! Thank you SO much!

Joy said...

Ok so I have a ? for ya, well actually hubs asked me and I couldnt help. He wanted to know how to find someones blog. He said a guy he knows has one but I don't know how to search for it or even if you can search blogger with a persons name.

I know he could just ask the guy but he doesn't see him that often.

The Pink Owl said...

Thanks for the infor on the topcoat!! I'm going to get some this weekend. I just recently stopped biting my nails, so I'm excited about manicures!

p.s. I was not a Chi O. I went to a private college that did not allow sororities. We, instead, had "Literary Societies" (which was exactly the same as sororities.) I was in Beta Epsilon Chi. ;)