Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Laura and Sophie,

I'm just not feeling you. In fact, Laura and Sophie, your music stylings remind me of someone......

That's right, every time I hear you I think of The Culps on SNL. I'm just saying.

(By the way, this video is just a parody of The Culps- I can't believe I couldn't find an actual Culp clip on youtube)

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A.D. said...

Ugh, I do not like these girls. Did you see where one of them rolled her eyes at Jewel? I think they are very immature and not ready to be stars yet. Plus, they are not good least not together!

Sasha said...

Yes, I saw that bratty eye roll! Pissed me off. I love me some Jewel.

And all of the sudden I have a crush on John Rich.

morewineplease said...

flip'n hillarious!

Kally said...

I have been checking out your blog for a while now and am forced to comment: OMG! So funny and so terrible at the same time.

AJ said...

Giggle, giggle:):)


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