Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organizing Those Loyalty Cards

For years I've been using two card holders from Real Simple to organize my loyalty/membership cards. I got these at Target years ago.

Above is a pic of the only still living one- you can see it has definitely seen better days. My red one bit the dust last week. I checked Target and they don't seem to carry them anymore. So I turned to the place I turn when I need basically anything..... Amazon!

I found the kilofly Credit Card Holder on Amazon for just $10 and decided to order it. It arrived yesterday and it is absolutely perfect! This particular style is available in a few other colors, and there are other styles by this brand as well.

Here's a pic showing my cards inside- surely you knew that my Sephora Beauty Insider was one of my most important cards, right? If your purse is a mess of unorganized cards, I'd definitely recommend this!



Cornelia said...

Great idea!

Corey Savage said...

Getting something like this is a great idea. It's a pain to be fumbling around looking for the card that you need. Companies can also make it easier on customers by creating a keytag version too, which is right there on the key ring.