Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sasha Goes Gluten Free.... at Qdoba

Qdoba Naked Burrito
My meal contained:
Brown Rice
Shredded Cheese
Salsa Verde
Sour Cream
Last week I did some online research and it looked like I could have a pretty darn good GF meal at our local Qdoba. And as luck would have it, the girl immediately in front of me in line was also a Celiac! She was a former Qdoba employee and shared some great info with me.
1. First, they are glad to change into a fresh pair of gloves for you.
2. Their burritos can be ordered "naked", which means no tortilla.
3. Your have your choice of rice type, beans, and meat. The only meat off-limits is the Ancho Chili BBQ. And all their salsas are GF!
4. Do ask them to get fresh shredded cheese for you- the cheese in the assembly line has been touched while making dishes containing gluten.
5. Their chips are not safe, but I bought a baggie of chips from home to eat with my Naked Burrito.
It was DELICIOUS. I may just go there for lunch again today!
This post is not sponsored, I am just a new fan of Qdoba!

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