Friday, June 8, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

2011 baseball pic

2012 baseball pic

I can't believe how much P has grown over the last year and it's really evident when I see these two pic together. 

I had a lot of fun taking the team pics again this year- I LOVE saving the parents money! I print our pictures at and just charge the actual costs... no markup at all.

If you haven't tried Mpix, I definitely recommend using it to print your "special" pictures. They print on Kodak Endura professional paper, and their wallets are perfection. You absolutely can't beat the prices, and they package amazingly well, with all your prints on cardboard shrink-wrapped so they won't be bent in transit.

And Mpix doesn't know me at all... I'm just passing on info about my favorite photo lab to you!

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