Friday, June 15, 2012

Le Sickie

Poor Bella has been feeling like this. Mr. Sasha was calling her "Snots" and it turned out she had The Kennel Cough.

So of course meds were required, and I'm by nature a cat person and in my experience giving meds to cats is sort of like a greased pig contest- lots of  "Almost!". But not quite.

Have you tried to give a pill to a cat? They eat so damn daintily, that just when you think you've got it perfectly hidden in some sort of food and you're golden, you come back in the room to find they've eaten all the surrounding food and left you a tiny little present in their food bowl- the untouched pill.

But my vet told me about Greenies, the pill pocket that masquerades itself as a treat. Best invention ever. 9 pills down, 1 to go.

Disclosure: Note that I did pay for the dog and her meds and the weekend boarding that got her the damn Kennel Cough, as well as the Greenies. Got them at PetsMart.

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