Monday, June 25, 2012

The Color Run

This weekend I participated in The Color Run in Tulsa, and it was an absolute BLAST! If they happen to come to your area, I would totally recommend doing it. And note- you DO NOT have to be a runner.... this is not a timed event- there are no chips, no official time, and a LOT of walkers. Our group actually walked most of it, but did do some jogging from time to time.

Here we are before, all nice and clean and WHITE! (I picked up my white T at Walmart and a few of the girls just wore mens white tank tops.)

And after- oh so colorful! 

After a much-needed shower, we headed to Dilly Deli and celebrated with lunch. This cinnamon roll was our appetizer..... yum!

That evening we ate at Los Cabos on their patio and it was WONDERFUL. I had the Green Chili Burrito and it was heaven.

It was a great Girls Weekend, and we've decided we need monthly Craft Nights to have a reason to make sure we get together again.

Some tips for the color run:

  • If you happen to live in a state with hot weather on the day of the run, know that sweating will cause the color to stain your skin. The underside of my upper left arm is still a bit blue!
  • Plan on waiting for a while at the starting line. I'm not sure whether I think it would be good to get there super-early or on-time like we did- I think we would have been waiting an hour either way.
  • There's only one water stop at the halfway point, so if you think you will need more water than that, take a bottle with you.
  • Wear sunglasses to keep the powder out of your eyes. We also saw some people with bandanas they would pull up around their nose/mouth at the color stations. If you think it will bother you, I think a bandana is a great idea.
  • We wore hats, and I think it was a fabulous idea (Thanks D!) and kept our hair from getting too much color in it. My friend A read that it may stain bleached hair, so keep that in mind if you highlight.
  • The only thing I had to throw away was my shirt.... we wore black shorts and sports bras so they wouldn't get stained. My socks have a bit of orange on them, but I won't mind using them for running.
  • And shoes..... although I'd suggest wearing some you don't mind getting stained, all the color actually came out of mine.
  • Blue seems to stain the worst, so you might avoid blue if you are worried about staining. They do the color-throwing/spraying at the edges of each color station, so you can stay in the middle as you go through it if you don't want to get hit with it.
  • Take baggies to put your phones in and a trash bag to put your race clothes in if you are out-of-town.
Overall, we had a GREAT time! Have you done a color run?


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! We should go for a run together sometime. :)

Chic Runner said...

It looks like you had fun! I love the teal color, they didn't have that one when we ran it! :)

Tiffany Evans said...

I just did this run in KC last weekend. I however forgot a hat and my scalp is still a little hot pink :) Great experience though!