Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Candle Find: Febreze Sweet Citrus and Zest

I know we talked before about candles, and I think you know my love for the Febreze products- especially the glass jar candles- they are the bomb! My prior favorites are Winds and Springtime, and pretty much any of the fall or Christmas red/orange colored holiday scents. LOVE them all and have them burning all the time. I think they rival Yankee in terms of scent, and they burn down perfectly and last for-ev-er (say it in your best Sandlot voice). And for $4-5, you just can't beat them.

My newest find is Sweet Citrus & Zest and I am stressing out a little that I can't find any more. I picked this one up at the Walmarts a few months ago and got it out this weekend since I have The Spring Fever. Instant love! But of course, Walmart doesn't have anymore and neither does Target.

HOWEVER, this scent is on Febreze's site (holla! to their marketing/PR dept) so I'm assuming it's permanent and I will forever be scouring the shelves for this one. It's that good.

Description from febreze.com: Enjoy the sparkling effervescent freshness of citrus with key limes and mandarin oranges blended with sweet kiwi and a touch of coconut.

Yum. I'll take a Lava Flow with that, please sir. (that part was not from febreze.com)

What is your favorite candle scent?


Erin said...

This sounds like it would be right up my alley! My current favorite is Vanilla Lime from Yankee. So fresh smelling - it makes me crave a margharita bad.

Anonymous said...

I love the Febreeze candles! They really are the best "drug store candles" out there! I can't wait to find this new scent :)

Anonymous said...

I saw these at our Walmart yesterday. (I live in South GA)

Sasha said...

Erin- Vanilla Lime sounds fabulous! I will check it out.

Katy- hope you can find it!

Courtney- we have two more Walmarts that I haven't checked yet, so hopefully I will find more there.