Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung.... on my nails!!!!

(this was posted today on Manicure Mommas, but I couldn't resist sharing here as well.....)

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips in Girl Flower

I've been dying to try these, but for one reason or another, hadn't gotten around to it. Now that I have The Spring Fever, I thought it was a perfect time to use them.

I LOVE that the pattern is forgiving..... if you look closely at the tips, you can see that I didn't do that well at ripping off the extra... but since the pattern is varied and has some white flowers, it's not that big of a deal. In person, you cannot tell at all.

Application time took me about 18 minutes, and I imagine it would be less next time now that I know which sizes fit my nails.

I can't remember exactly what I paid, but I believe I got these in a BOGO 1/2 price sale... I also have Misbehaved.

I added a top coat of Revlon ColorStay in clear because I heard that a topcoat extends the wear.

I will definitely report back and let you know how long they last for me.


C. Beth said...

Very cute, Sasha!

Matt & Carrie said...

How fun Sasha! What a fashion statement you will make as you cross your finish line this weekend! Good luck, my running friend!

Abbi said...

um...LOVE, LOVE these! i MUST get some!! thanks for sharing!!