Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I Stay At Your House Tonight?

The Casa de Sasha is getting new flooring throughout as we speak, sans kids rooms, and one thing has led to another, so we are pretty much remodeling the kitchen as well. New counter tops, back splash, sink, ceiling, light fixtures, adding a pantry, etc.

Which I am super-excited about, except notsomuch the fine layer of dust and inability to use any of my appliances at this time. I can't find the phone either. And my DVRs are unplugged, so I am missing all sorts of good stuff.

Remember that Shel Silverstein poem about little Peggy Ann McKay? My list is sounding a bit like hers, huh?

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WhatIfWeAllCared? said...

I understand....... (deep breath)
Candi (daughter) and grand-baby moved out and left a mess, which I barely cleaned up before the lead Abatement people began their visits to test and measure for windows... I am half through switching furniture from room to room as the living room is no longer Candi & Aiden's bedroom :)
Add to that the 3-5 loads of laundry I need to do every night and the 6-10 loads I should do on Sundays (because it is my one day off from work) that I don't ever get all done... the extra attention Matt needs as his 1st IEP is on 4.7.11 and he knows things are going to get better, but not in what way...
please don't come to visit if you have 'normal' kids... you won't understand.........
if your kids are cool like Matt, stop by and sit a spell and watch the chickens with me while the kids build something truly amazing or just hang out together!!!
Chaos is good, right?!?!