Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Need a Drink

It's just one of those days. Although I'm super-busy each year during these first few months, I'm always so so glad I didn't go into tax accounting, because I know it could be worse.

(photo via Advertising Age)

I'll be counting down the days until May, when Miller rolls out their new MGD 64 Lemonade. How good does that sound? Until then, I think I'll try mixing regular MGD 64 half-and-half with Crystal Light. Sounds yummy and refreshing, huh?

(photo via Ocean Spray's Facebook page, since they haven't updated their website with info on their newest product- they are pulling a Hershey and need to hire *me* to keep their website up-to-date)

And I've discovered that drinking Ocean Spray's new Diet Sparkling Cranberry juice at work makes me feel like I am sipping on something a bit stronger. And even if it's just pretend, it helps.

Are you drinking anything new these days?


Mrs. Everything said...

This week I've been drinking the diet sparling cranberry and mandrin vodka! So refreshing!!

Saska said...

I was going to ask WHERE you got the sparkling cranberry and then I read Ms. Evertyhing's comment about mixing it with vodka and I got finger/tongue tied.

Okay...where to buy it??

Sasha said...

Mama Koch- I found the Diet Cranbery at Walmart. Still looking for the diet Pomagranate/Cranberry.....

Sasha said...

Mrs. Everything- that sounds like a fabulous combo! I have to try it!