Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As the World Turns Finale

I just set my tivo to record the last few episodes of As the World Turns. Before I had kids, (boy- that's getting to be the theme around here!) I never missed an episode. When I bought my first home in 1997, it took a while to get cable run to my house, and I made my dad drive up and hook up electric rabbit ears so I could get crystal clear reception of CBS and had my VCR programmed to record it every day so I could watch it in the evening.

I am a big Liz Hubbard fan and was part of an online fan club that sent her flowers in the late 90s when she returned to the show- how dorky is that? My subscription to CBS Soaps in Depth was my most prized possession, and it was one of the things that my mom and I had in common and could discuss at length over the phone.

I was a CarJacker (of course!) and was so happy to see that they'll be tying the knot before the show ends on the 17th. I hate to see the show end, but TV is ever-changing and Snookie and The Situation apparently are more interesting to today's generation.

So here's to a fabulous run and thanks for the many years of entertainment, ATWT!


All Things Cherish said...

Wow! I had no idea that soap was ending! I've never watched it but am a religious Y&R fan and can't imagine life w. out it. I'd take a soap anyday over the Jersey Shore. Enjoy the last episodes!

Anonymous said...

I got into ATWT around the time that Another World was getting canceled and some of the characters jumped over. I have been hooked ever since. I am soooooo sad that tomorrow is the last day. Especially when it is getting so good! Glad to hear I'm not alone.