Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-Dinner Snack: Done!

The Wild Child and I just had a nice little pre-dinner snack at Sam's Club... complete with apple cider, pizza, string cheese, and a brownie. I love going there after I pick her up on Fridays because they start serving the goodies at 5.

You know you've done it too! (Surely I'm not the only one!) I spent $113 so it's totally OK to indulge, right?


sprinkles said...

Girl, I've totally done it!!! Once, a friend and I went to Costco and had lunch there with all the samples.

Jessica said...

I definitely agree! I love trying samples, especially if they are things that I have not tried before. It is a great way to see if I would like them before I spend the money on them.

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Kim said...

When we go there on Saturday or Sunday my children ask if we're there for lunch. . . and they don't mean from the "restaurant".