Monday, January 4, 2010

LOTD: Korres Lip Butter in Plum

I am still battling some seriously dry lips, so today I got out a favorite for this problem- Korres Plum Lip Butter, which I purchased from Sephora for $9. Note: for some reason, Sephora is claiming it's "only at Sephora" but that's crazy because my local Ulta carries it.

Moving on..... this stuff feels fabulous on your lips and smells nice as well. My main gripe is that there is no applicator included with the product- do they expect you to use your finger? Gross!
I use a small lip brush from a Clinique pot gloss.

And although this feels great and helps heal dry lips, there's not much staying power and no leftover tint once it wears off. You definitely have to reapply quite a bit.

Would I buy again? Most likely not because I don't think I'll run out for a while since I only use it when I need a treatment rather than a lipstick.

Will I keep it? Yes, I do like it enough to keep.

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Julie said...

The color looks awesome! I'm with you should come w/an applicator!