Monday, January 11, 2010

You Need One of These

Last week I purchased one of these adorable Lego Necklaces from an etsy shop and it came today. How adorb is that?????

And you need one! They are only $6 with $2 shipping and just precious. Many many colors to choose from. I think WC may need one!

Note: If you enlarge this pic you will see a tiny brown spot on the right side of the necklace. I think it was lint because I'm no Britney Spears.


s.lange said...

I love it, is is so cute, like a tribute to the bane of my vacuumm cleaner...I never leave comments, just lurk so I am taking a minute to say thanks for all of the great recommendations - I now own the black target pants (minus nine inches of fabric) and the cute royal elastic flats in brown and black!

Sasha said...

Glad you left a comment S! Glad you love the target pants too!