Friday, January 9, 2009

Again, An Age Reference

Yesterday at our music fest meeting, one of the young staffers said to me, "I told my mom there was this lady on the committee that ran in the marathon relay last year....."

So now I'm a "lady".

I felt like I was at CVS.

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Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Big hugs Ma' Lady!!

I'm feeling my age lately. We have this new "younger" crowd at work. I used to be in the "younger" group. It makes me sad!

Something In The Glass said...

You've been awarded... Come see my blog.

Anniebanannie said...

Being one that knows you from AHS dayz, you look THE same so that young staffer knows nothing!

I think anyone would be envious of your stylish, hot momma appeal!

MDO said...

I really hate that somehow we've gotten old enough for those youngsters to "ma'am" us!! I don't feel any older...well, except when I look in the mirror...

Don't forget I want to help with the music festival! Please let me know if there are meetings or anything I need to get on my calendar!

M said...

I pity the person who calls me "ma'am" the first time.

Kally said...

Oh dear! I've gotten ma'amed a few times and I know what that did to me. I found the cure though: play with your kids and act like a complete fool in front of other kids (provided this does not embarrass your kiddos) and BINGO the other kids think you are the big sister. **This has worked for me and is a GREAT boost to the old ego. Ack! Did I just say "old?"

Multislacking Mama said...

Behold... A LADY!
I see you standing on the wall.
**clap clap**
You deserve it ALL!

^Lyrics from one of my favorite OutKast songs.


Katy said...

I know, lady and woman sound weird when someone says that to me.

Blanda Amania said...

Be proud of it, Sister. Be proud.


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