Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 6 (Find an Accountability Partner)

Today is my Day 6 of Money Saving Mom's "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge".

Day 6 of this 7 day challenge is "Find An Accountability Partner". I am definitely an introvert, and after reading about this I decided that the Chore Planner I purchased for $6 from Motivated Moms would definitely work here.

I am LOVING my chore planner! 

The Motivated Moms Chore Planners map out a plan for what chores you should do each day and week to stay on top of your household organization and keep your home in great shape.

I don't promise that I will get every single task done every day but I always have the weekend to try to catch up! I just like have the accountability of having items to check off a list.

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