Monday, January 6, 2014

Money Saving Mom's Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

Today I started Money Saving Mom's "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge".
Day 1 of this 7 day challenge is about saying no. She suggests saying no more often, "to set boundaries and give yourself some much needed breating room".
Something I desperately need!
Today's challenge was to mark three things off my to-do list.
Here is what I chose:
1. I let a group know that I didn't have the time to help plan an event right now.
2. I will stay off Facebook completely today after I pick up the kids from school and make tonight all about family.
3. I have some errands to run, but they can wait until another day. It's bitterly cold today and once we get home after school is out, it will be nice not to get back out.
If you'd like to join in, visit Money Saving Mom and comment about what you are marking off your to-do list today.

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