Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 3 (Create a Morning Routine)

Today is Day 3 of Money Saving Mom's "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge".

Day 3 of this 7 day challenge is Create Your Ideal Morning Routine "to calm your chaos and bring rhythm, order, and peace to your days".

My routine has been evolving over the last few months as I am adjusting to not have to be at work at 7 am anymore. (Yay!) I am settling in and figuring out a schedule that works for our family. At first I thought I would like to work out in the mornings, but lately I have found I have more motivation in the evenings, so I have been saving my workout for then.

1. Get up, brush teeth and head to kitchen for can of Coke and take meds/vitamins. That one can of Coke I allow myself every day is basically my coffee. I've tried to cut it out before or switch to a diet or lower calorie drink, but the results are always disastrious and just not work it. A full-sugar Coke it is!

2. Get the kids up and get them started on brushing teeth and getting dressed.

3. Head back to the kitchen to fix breakfast and check backpacks and lunch menu to see if I need to fix any lunches. I also clean their glasses and lay them on the table with their breakfast and vitamins.

4. Get the kids to school

5. After I get back home, I get showered and ready for the day. After makeup and before I do my hair, I spend a bit of time at the computer, checking email and wishing some happy birthdays on facebook

If you'd like to join in, visit Money Saving Mom and share your morning routine.

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