Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 2 of the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

Today is Day 2 of Money Saving Mom's "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge".
Day 2 of this 7 day challenge is Recognize & Appreciate Your Gifts. In one of those "God Moments", right before I read today's task, I read an article a friend linked to on Facebook titled "How to Find God’s Will for Your Life". It all became clear.... the gifts I have, the things I am good at, are God's will

And to tie in the bible study I just finished through Proverbs 31's Online Bible Studies, I am #Enough! I've got a pretty big change coming up in my life over the next few months, and I need to hear that message.
Here are some gifts I possess:
1. The gift of money-management. I am not sure if it's my upbringing (mom and I used to clip coupons together), or my finance/accounting background, but I am a good steward of our family's money. Money is never an issue we have argued about in our marriage. I bargain-shop, research for good deals, and am generally frugal with my purchases, although I do like to indulge in a good quality luxury item from time to time. I have never lied to my husband about anything I have purchased and think this is key in our successful marriage.
2. The gift of an elephant's memory. Names, faces, events in the past.... I never forget anything! Long-term that is..... my short-term memory is sometimes lacking, but I think that is because of Gift 3.

3. The gift of multi-tasking. I am able to have a million things going at once. Cooking dinner, helping with homework, working on laundry, I've got it all in the air.

4. The gift of perseverance. When my kiddos started having problems reading in school, I put all my energies into researching and figuring out the best plan of attack to help them succeed. I did not stop! Unhelpful and unwilling people in my path be warned, I will not let anything keep my kids from success!

5. The gift of dependability. I am nothing if not dependable. Ever a slave to my watch and my to-do list, I am where I say I will be, with promised goods or tasks in my hands or completed.
If you'd like to join in, visit Money Saving Mom and comment about your gifts.

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sprinkles said...

I used to have the memory of an elephant. Wish I still did.

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