Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LOTD #58 and Freckles

Avon SpectraColor in The Berries

This lipstick is pretty cool. I believe it was an limited edition product released in 2009. It has a “dial-a-color” concept with two different colors in the tube, one that is lighter and more sheer one that is  darker and more opaque. You create the color you apply by using a dial which releases just the right amount of each shade. I'll be keeping this one- it's really pretty!


Even though we are making sure WC wears sunscreen every day, lots and lots of freckles are popping out and they are so cute! I don't have any, and neither does The Politician, but Mr. Sasha does and WC is taking after him. I hope she embraces them when she is older because I love how cute they are.

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s.lange said...

One of mine has freckles and the other three don't...the girl is one of the ones who wants them and doesn't have them. Isn't that the way it always is...