Friday, June 7, 2013

LOTD #51 and Parental Guidance

Avon Pro-To-Go in Shimmering Red
Sadly, the Pro-To-Go lippies were discontinued. I first discovered them back in 2008 when Reese Witherspoon was serving as a Beauty Ambassador for Avon and was in all the ads wearing lipstick from this line.
Pro-to-Go is a creamy, moisturizing, highly-pigmented formula that also contains SPF 15. It glides on smooth, the texture is light, the color is even a little bit shiny, and the one-hand application packaging is fabulous!
Slide: Slide up button to raise lid…and lipstick.
Glide: Glide on color for beautiful lips.
Hide: Slide down button…see lid close.
This is definitely my favorite of all the Pro-To-Gos I have..... I think the shimmer in it gives it some staying power. Love love love this one!

Parental Guidance

Last week Will told me they had watched the funniest movie that day at their summer program and that I just had to see it. In fact, he remembered that my mom had told us it was funny too. So last night we stopped by Redbox on our way home and rented Parental Guidance and it was hilarious. It's PG, but with the kids being 7 and almost 10, I'm OK with PG as long as we watch with them. And it even featured our favorite sport- baseball!

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sprinkles said...

I love Avon. I used to actually be an Avon rep back in the day, but didn't promote myself very well, so I didn't ever make much $ from it.

I've heard Parental Guidance is pretty good. I'll have to check it out.