Thursday, June 6, 2013

LOTD #50 and Shoes

Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Black Violet ($15)
Every time I wear Black Violet I think about how my friend Heather and I called Clinique lipsticks "Special Occasion Lipsticks" in college because we couldn't imagine wearing a $15 lippie on a daily basis! We saved them for going out. Our go-to then was Pink Chocolate- I need to see if I can find a tube of that one laying around- it was a fave for years.
Black Violet is pretty- but DARK! I used a lipliner with this (Clinique Black Honey) but you can still see that this shade needs a careful application.... or it will bleed outside your lipline like it did just a bit in my pic above. Keeping this one for sentimental reasons!
Do you ever pick out your outfit just to match your shoes? Today I did! I have been dying to wear my Fioni Women's Kit Bow Pumps from Payless and today was the day!
I have on khaki crops, a white t and a purple short sleeved cardi and I love my outfit! These shoes are comfortable, believe it or not.


Cornelia said...

Love those shoes! And that lipstick color.

sprinkles said...

Love those shoes! Never learned to walk in heels though, so I have several pretty pairs sitting in my closet that rarely see the light of day.