Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LOTD #30 and a House Party

Found this in my stash, and sadly, it's going in the trash. It seems to have "turned" and no longer has the moisture it used to have. It appears that I have had it for some time so it's no big heartache. This color appears to be discontinued. 

House Party Fun!

I recently got word that I was selected as a host for the Redbook + L'Oreal Paris Happy Hour House Party. This Party Pack is AMAZING and you'll know why I say that when you see the pic of everything they sent- including makeup and nail polish!!!!

Each of my guests will receive a generous sample of L'Oreal Miracle Blue, a sample pack of the Age Perfect BB cream and a sample pack of Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner. Everyone will also get a free subscription to Redbook, as well as a gift subscription for a friend.

We'll do drawings for the cosmetic bag, some lip gloss and eye shadow, and a copy of The Paris Wife. 

We'll do manis with the 11 bottles of nail polish they sent and have snacks and drinks. So fun! Can't wait until Sunday!

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