Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LOTD # 26 and Love Languages

Too Faced Mood Swing in Pink Berry

I just checked and it looks like Too Faced's Mood Swing glosses are no longer available. The original and Smurfette versions have been favorites of mine for a few years, and I've always loved the one I am wearing today too.

They don't run but leave behind a pretty stain once the gloss wears off. I usually have terrible luck with the "changing color" lippies, but Too Faced's glosses work great for me.  I am definitely keeping this one in the stash.

Book Club

The Childrens Ministries department at my church has been doing a Book Club this year and I was so upset that I had to miss this month's meeting! But it's baseball season and this week was crazy.

This month we read The 5 Love Languages of Children and I really got a lot out of it. Our Sunday School class did the original 5 Love Languages study a few years ago (I'm Acts of Service, SURPRISE!) and it was eye-opening in regards to keeping your marriage healthy. But I wondered how the author (Gary Chapman) would translate Love Languages to parenting

Here's what he said in his FAQ:

I like to visualize that inside every child there is an emotional love tank. If the child feels loved by the parents, the child grows up normally. But if the love tank is empty and the child does not feel loved, he/she will grow up with many internal struggles and during the teenage years will go looking for love, often in the wrong places. It is extremely important that parents learn how to love children effectively. Some time ago, I teamed up with psychiatrist Ross Campbell and wrote the book The Five Love Languages of Children. It is written for parents and is designed to help them discover the child’s primary love language. It also discusses how this interfaces with the child’s anger, the child’s learning, and with discipline.

Both of my kids are Quality Time. In fact, WC asked me to go on a bike ride with her the other night, and when I paused to mentally go over what I needed to get done that night, she said "I'd really like us to go on a ride and have some quality time together!" (Where did she get that exact phase????? If she could read, I might think she was sneaking a read in my book!)

But they also have some of the other languages that they respond to, and I think the book will be a great resource for me. Full disclosure: Some of the example stories in the book are a little hokey, but they are great representations of the point the author is trying to make.

Have you read it?

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