Monday, April 22, 2013

LOTD #29 and New Furniture!


Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sorbet
This is one of four new shades from a collection they are calling "Pacific Coast". The other shades of new lip butters are Pink Lemonade, Juicy Papaya, and Wild Watermelon. I picked Sorbet up at Target for $6 on Saturday.
On of my favorite things about the Lip Butter is that the plastic cap is a representation of the shade- so easy to grab which shade you are looking for.


We have been in our house about 12 1/2 years and it has been in need of some love. Saturday the kids were playing with some friends, so we took the opportunity to go to a furniture store we'd been eyeing and pick out a few things to spruce up the place. I am so happy with what we found and can't wait to get organized!

 We found this piece for our kitchen. I am planning on getting some baskets to use to get things off our counter and also plan to stash the kids shoes down below.

 This piece is in our dining room and is going to be used to store (hide) all our school work stuff- notebooks, rules, pencils, crayons etc. We do homework at the dining room table so it will be so nice to have all of our supplies handy right there.

This is for our entryway and look at all the drawers I can hide things in! So excited about this piece too.
It was a beautiful weekend with great weather, but sadly, winter still is hanging on here. The high will be 76 today but the low tomorrow is 28. Blah!



C. Beth said...

I love that second piece!

We went furniture shopping Saturday too. New couch & chair, coming soon.... Our current couch is not doing too well!

Sasha said...

Thanks Beth! Can't wait to see what you got!