Monday, April 1, 2013

LOTD #15 and some outside fun

Revlon's Lip Butters were all the rage last year, and I bought 4 and really like them. These certainly aren't long-wearing, but they feel great on and don't bleed outside my lipline.  I reach for these when my lips feels a bit chapped. We were outside all weekend, and my lips are a little dry due to the crazy OK wind so this feels perfect today.

This weekend's weather was GORGEOUS and Spring is here! (The weatherman tells us it will be replaced with highs of 40 again tomorrow, but we enjoyed it while it was here.)

After church and brunch with my parents yesterday, we went over to their house and spent the whole afternoon outside. My parents taped off a Four Square court in their garage and we played for hours. There is a lake in their neighborhood, so the men did a little fishing and I walked around the lake for a bit of exercise. We capped off the evening with a family bike ride and we all slept so well last night! I am sad that Monday came so quick.....

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