Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LOTD #3 and MMA movies

Innovative gloss+stain hybrid formula delivers richly pigmented color in an intensely glossy finish combined with our Sexy Boost Blend for the ultimate pout-enhancing effect. The result is full, voluptuous, SEXY lips!

Gloss stains are my go-to these days.... they are quick and easy to apply, feel good on, and leave behind a nice color. I have both of these new Physicians Formula Glossy Stains- Red and Hot Pink. CVS often has great ECB deals on their products and I was able to combine an ECB deal with a coupon to score these for dirt cheap- like $3. And I love it so much- it's definitely a keeper.

Here Comes the Boom
In other news, I ordered Here Comes the Boom today from Amazon for $10. We love Kevin James and even though this is about MMA fighting, it's actually a really good family movie. Now I just need to find Wreck It Ralph for a good deal- let me know if you see it anywhere for $10.

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Laurie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!!!!

s.lange said...

I like this LOTD series. My daughter and I watch YouTube videos too and we really love learning about new products.

Sasha said...

s. lange- I LOVE watching YouTube makeup videos too- so fun! Glad you are enjoying LOTDs! many more to come.....


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